I have enjoyed working with a broad range of clients, from boutique production companies to global advertising and business giants. Below are some of their comments regarding our collaborations. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.
Dimitry has an excellent vocal range and always adds his own, unique personality to everything he records. Our last project wouldn’t have been the same if it wasn’t for him. I’m glad that we could work together and will definitely work with him on our next project.
We needed someone with Russian accent but also someone who speaks Russian fluently. Dimitry does both so well that we were astonished by the final result. His versatility made our podcast incredible, full of life and energy. After the podcast first hit the air we got a lot of questions like: ‘Where did you get this guy?,’ ‘How can we get in touch with him?’ etc.
Dimitry is very talented and easy to work with. We asked him to help us out with one of our projects and he nailed it exceeding all of our expectations. He is efficient and reliable – your guy to deal with character voices from northern Eurasia or eastern Europe.
If you need a talented professional who will rock your script and make something that resonates with your clients out of it, then Dimitry is a person you are looking for. I worked with him on variety of V.O. projects already and he has never let me down. I hereby recommend his services to everyone in need for quality, accuracy and on-time delivery.
In short – magnificent, hard working voice over talent who puts his heart in everything he does always keeping quality in mind.
Excellent v/o and quick too. We had one minor retake and Dimitry attended to it quickly with no questions asked. I would highly recommend Dimitry to anyone wishing a professional Russian Voice Over. Thanks Dimitry!
Dimitry is a PRO! Amazing quality and a total pleasure to work with. Must if you want to create high quality commercial.
I recommend Dimitry without reservation, he is a true professional. Of course there is the excellent voice, but the real benefit of working with him is that he has the experience and the comfort level to take your direction and expand upon it. He delivers on your requirements but then also adds his own takes and flavor to the project, which was very valuable for us.
Thanks a lot for your quick professional work. i will definitely choose you again for any future Russian translations
Talented, helpful and reliable. With his own recording facility Dimitry does magic with every given project.
At first we thought that it would take two or three people to do the job but Dimitry managed to do it all by himself. His mind-bending voice range and ability to capture the spirit of the script knocked us of our feet. Sounds like too much flattery, but top shelf quality is what you get with Dimitry.
Professionalism, responsiveness, talent, and voice – these are the qualities that perfectly describe Mr. Rozental. I’m forever grateful for all of his help and insight on our voice campaign. He brought so much freshness and vigor into our broadcast that his voice ultimately left us speechless.
We fell in love with Dimitry’s voice as soon as we heard his sample. He knows exactly what to do with his vocal cords and has an amazing voice control. Add immense quality of the production to fast turnaround time and Dimitry is the result.
I had a radio broadcast script with a Russian character involved and no idea who to turn to get it right. I’ve stumbled on Dimitry accidentally while browsing through various sites with V/O artists and it was one of the best professional encounters that had happened to me in a long, long time. With his incredible personality and imaging voice he made miracles with the script!
Working with Mr. Rozental was a seamless experience from start to finish! We had very specific time constraints for our project and he came in right on time to the second on his first read! He took our direction beautifully and even offered a few copyrighting edits which really helped improve the read and keep it under time. He delivered the work on the same day and even went above and beyond to help us add some music underscoring. This is clearly not Dimitry’s first rodeo and I hope to work with him again on my next project! He's a PRO!
In short – magnificent, hard working voice over talent who puts his heart in everything he does always keeping quality in mind.
Always a pleasure!! Fast turn around, high quality files and excellent voice!! A job very, very well done.
An absolutely dream to work with! Response time and quality of work far surpassed our expectations. We will be using Mr. Dimitry again for any further projects.
Amazing!! What a pleasure it is to work with, Dmitriy! Fast turn around and high quality files! I look forward to lots of future projects together!

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