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The Russian voiceover blog is an informational hub featuring trustworthy updates, straight from the inner workings of the voiceover industry. Whether you’re an aspiring voiceover artist looking to land your first gig, or you already know a few tricks of the trade, you’ve come to the right place! The Russian voiceover blog is brimming with industry-wide news, trends, and actionable advice covering all segments of voiceover services. From selecting the proper recording equipment to adjusting vocal styles and timing to fit specific roles, the Russian voiceover blog is your go-to source of pertinent info.

Consider this your toolkit for operating a voiceover business of your own. No matter if you intend to create a new side hustle or build a professional voiceover agency, you’ve found the ideal springboard. Come inside to learn about Russian voiceover recording services for animation, audiobooks, commercials, corporate presentations, eLearning, film, mobile apps, TV, video games, and much more.

The Russian voiceover blog’s creator is none other than Dimitry Rozental, an award-winning Russian voiceover artist with over 25 years’ professional experience. Dimitry maintains this page to educate, inform, and inspire everyone interested in Russian voiceover services and techniques. Plenty of resources await below. But don’t forget to check back here often and stay in the loop of what’s happening inside the Russian voiceover services industry!

Important Tips to Make Your E-Learning Course Professional & Impressive

Tips to Make Your E-Learning Course Professional & Impressive

E-learning is prevalent today with millions of individuals learning various skills from the comfort of their homes all around the world. Here are the top tips for you to become the favorite e-learning voice over instructor for your prospects and existing students. 

Audio Recording Tips for E-learning 5

Helpful Audio Recording Tips for E-learning

Doing voiceovers for e-learning platforms is very common these days. However, not many are aware of the different skills that are needed to get this job done efficiently. To record a successful e-learning voiceover, you need to make sure that […]



Dimitry Rozental and Russian Voiceover Service is Your #1 Russian Marketing Solution “Delivering the Perfect Sound to Make Your Project a Success.”  Although you may never see the person, the sound of a Russian voiceover artist is unmistakable. And if […]

Russian voiceover talent

Authentic Russian voiceover actor for Narration, Animation & Character work

Are you in need of a Russian voiceover actor to help you with getting your product or service into the Russian market? Look no further than Dimitry Rozental of No matter which industry you’re in, if you need an […]


Russian Voiceover Service for Video and Audio Projects

Dimitry Rozental of has more than two decades of experience as a professional Russian voiceover artist. Russian is Dimitry’s native language. And you can hear his classical vocal training in every project he lends his voice to. Listen to […]

A Quick History of the Russian Language

Russian language falls in the Indo-European family of languages, as part of the East Slavic branch. Russian shares ties with the Belarusian and Ukrainian languages. In the 6th century, the Slav people migrated from Poland to the Balkans. Slavic languages […]

Getting the Correct Voice for eLearning

Finding the best voice for your eLearning project. The use of voiceovers for eLearning has emerged as a valuable tool for engaging the pupils and facilitating the learning process. After all, without proper participation, the lesson would be nothing more than […]

Russian Voice Over and Ketchum-Maslow Win EMEA SABRE award

Russian Voice Over and Ketchum-Maslow Win EMEA SABRE award! I am proud of my contribution to the Google+ and YouTube project that celebrates influential author Leo Tolstoy. The 30-hour live production I promoted included over 700 people from around the […]

Volkswagen for Russian Market

Russian Voice Over for Volkswagen Russia with Dimitry Rozental Dmitriy Rozental was selected to be the voice of Volkswagen Russia for Russian speakers in CIS and across the globe. Any commercial video uploaded on YouTube is a combination of numerous factors, footage and […]

Volkswagen records a new project with Russian Voice Over

Russian Voice Over actor Dimitry Rozental records for Volkswagen, for the project Genuine Windscreen. Finding the right talent for promotion videos is a challenge major automotive and engineering corporations face on a daily basis. When the resources are not available in-house, […]

Learn How to speak Russian

Learn How to speak Russian

Learn how to speak Russian the quick way. Start speaking a new language in a matter of months. (by Dimitry Rozental) Learning Russian can be tricky – it has a reputation of one of the most challenging languages to master. […]

Mel Blanc Voice Over Actor

Top 10 Best Voice Over Actors of All Time

Best Voice Over Actors of the past 100 years Here is the list of the best voice over actors of all times. Today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Voice Over Actors in Film and TV. If you […]

History of the Russian Language and what makes Russian Voice Over work so special

To state the obvious, the Russian language is both one of the most widespread languages of the world and one of the most complicated tongues to master if you were not born a native speaker. It has become especially apparent […]

Voice Over Industry Slowdown! Are you and your career affected?

Have you been experiencing some work slump? Not enough auditions or projects coming in? Don’t worry, you are not alone. There is really no singular pattern for peak or off peak season in the voice over industry. It may depend […]

A Guide to Voice-Over Equipment and Studio Set Up

  What are professional voice-overs all about? If you are recording an audiobook, it will be an unseen character in a story. If you are running a business, a voice-over for an ad campaign can be  just a friendly voice persuading […]

Leo Tolstoy’s Karenina. Live Edition with Russian Voice Over

Russian Voice Over services were needed for Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, LIVE Edition recording project, commissioned by Google. Two months ago I had a pleasure of recording a commercial for one of a kind Google project called “Karenina. Live Edition” You […]

The challenging path of a voiceover artist and it’s Realties and struggles

  The career of a voiceover artist is not a single predictable path. It is full of challenges, and there is no way to absolutely guarantee that your voiceover career will be a successful one. As an aspiring voiceover artist, […]

Serving my civic duty, recording Russian VO for the US Army

Few months ago I had a chance to record a short voice over dubbing project for the United States Army. It was United States Army birthday message, and the original speech was delivered by the Army Chief of Staff. My job included […]

Russian Voiceover records for World Movement for Democracy

Russian Voiceover had an excellent chance to work with a world renowned non-profit organization World Movement for Democracy. Girl Child tells the story of Glanis Changachirere, a woman who grew up in a village in politically and economically troubled Zimbabwe. Glanis challenges the status […]

New project finished for American Standard Window Film

Russian Voice Over Project for American Standard Window Film by Dimitry Rozental Take a look at one of my latest finished projects for ASWF (“American Standard Window Film”) Tinting Films from “American Standard Window Film” (Russian Voice Over by Dimitry […]


Funny voices, dead serious voices, entertaining voices, mean voices – diverse aspects of our exciting trade collectively referred to as the voice over industry are on display in the upcoming documentary “I Know That Voice”. Several voice actors discuss their art […]

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