Russian Voice Over and Ketchum-Maslow Win EMEA SABRE award!

I am proud of my contribution to the Google+ and YouTube project that celebrates influential author Leo Tolstoy. The 30-hour live production I promoted included over 700 people from around the world including Russian actors, film directors, athletes, writers, and public figures. Thank you for the recognition, and I anticipate many more exciting projects to come!

Anna Karenina Live Edition by Russian Voice Over (Google & YouTube Project)

Russian Voice Over and Ketchum-Maslow Win EMEA SABRE award!

It is an honor to share an “EMEA SABRE” award for Web-based Business for Anna Karenina Live Edition on Google and YouTube. The ceremony, held in London on May 20th, 2015, recognizes Superior Achievement in Branding Reputation and Engagement found within thousands of entries. Through my collaboration with Ketchum-Maslov global public relations firm, I was able to voice an advertisement for an exciting project broadcast October 3rd and 4th, 2015.


Launched by Google Russia, the Google+ and YouTube event is a celebration of Leo Tolstoy’s masterpiece Anna Karenina. It was my pleasure to lend my voice to a project that combined the efforts of 700 people from around the world in respect of the influential author. The 30-hour live broadcast was led by Russian actors, film directors, athletes, writers, and public figures. I am proud to be a part of such an influential marketing project, I’m thankful for my opportunity to work with the Ketchum-Maslov’s team. My Russian voiceover talent seemed to be the perfect match for such a large campaign and I look forward to upcoming projects of a similar nature.

Along with our accomplishment in Web-based Business, Ketchum-Maslov received awards in Beneflux for “A Pear for an Apple”, Dach for “The Mystery Scent Oasis”, and Associations for “White Wedding – When Milk Meets Art.

Lending my voice to such a prestigious occasion and working with such a successful team brings me pride. A prestigious step in my career, this experience adds to my eagerness to further develop my art and add to future projects.

Published by The Russian Voice Over September 6th, 2016


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