Russian Voiceover

Dimitry Rozental of has more than two decades of experience as a professional Russian voiceover artist.

Russian is Dimitry’s native language. And you can hear his classical vocal training in every project he lends his voice to.
Listen to the samples contained within this video to get an idea of Dimitry’s range and styles.
Dimitry can easily handle any Russian voiceover project from speedy infomercials to slower educational content.
Listen close and you may even think the voices are spoken by different people!

Small businesses as well as giants like Google, Volkswagen, and Rosetta Stone rely
on Dimitry to give their products and services a natural-sounding Russian voice.

Whether you’re in need of Russian voiceover for a YouTube video, narration for corporate training,
or an audio presentation for a business meeting, Dimitry can deliver expert-level Russian voiceover services.
Get in touch today to discuss how Russian Voice Over can give any content the perfect voice to match your project’s needs.

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Published by The Russian Voice Over   July 12th, 2017


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