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Highlights from The Voiceover Talent Ebook: Harlan Hogan

  “Focusing on your performance misses the point of voice work…what’s important is how you can make a listener feel.” What do you love about your job? What job? I had lots of jobs and they sucked almost as badly […]

Foreign voice over in the modern business world

We can’t deny that we live in a global world. People and products travel all over the world and in less than a minute we can get informed of what is going on in the other part of the world. […]

Important Casting Tips and advice for Voice Over Talent

3 Things You Need to Do to Prepare for a Talent Agency Interview You’ve worked hard in 2014 to build your voice over brand and secure new clients, and you likely want to take your hard work one step further […]

How to Manage Your Files for Voice Over Work

We’re all used to revising mixes and songs, but for voiceover, the revisions can be constant. There can be several select takes of several different lines, scattered throughout your sessions like a pile of needles in a pile of haystacks. […]

Best way to Prepare for a Voice Over Audition; A Few Dos and Don’ts

1. DO: Be Timely a. Okay, so someone has contacted you for a voice over audition. Horray! Congratulations! How’d you find out? Did they send an email? Did they leave a voicemail? Either way, respond as soon as you get the […]

How to select the right microphone for your voice

As a voiceover artist, it is critical that you choose the right microphone for your voice, your room and your budget. When it comes to determining which microphone is right for you, there is only one good way to go […]

Voice Over actor’s ultimate dreams

  The 20th-century ideal of living a voice-over actors dream has changed and the dream of tomorrow will not be the same When starting in voice-overs over 20 years ago, the plan was relatively simple on paper: 1. Take classes […]

Who selects voice over artists?

Who makes the final decision in the voice over artists selection? The creative director and/or creative team does. This could be the producer, the copywriter, the client…anyone who is in charge of the production. The creative team maintains a library […]

Starting a Career in Voiceover Is Hard work

Sara Krieger, a veteran commercial voiceover artist, says it’s a common mistake to believe that having a deep, resonant, well-trained voice makes you a shoo-in for a career in voiceover. But neither does having a quirky, distinctive voice, she adds: […]

Russian Voice Over Translation Chart, Accents and Tips

This article is about Russian Voice Over Translation Chart, Accents and Tips, all this information will help you to select the correct strategy for your upcoming Russian VO project. Russian is generally 10-15% Longer than English. (An English :60 second […]

How to Write great Voice Overs Scripts

Writing great Voice Overs Scripts to be read aloud isn’t easy work. It doesn’t matter if you are writing a commercial, a marketing video or an on hold message, you have to use the right words in the right order […]

Improving Your Voiceover Skills with Improv

How can you develop vulnerability and spontaneity that will set you free as a voice actor? Join an improv group and improve your Voiceover Skills. Improv skills are not only a good way to develop your comedic skills but are […]

11 great ideas to promote your company with professional voiceovers

Nowadays, we are in a world more and more competitive and many companies do not know the potential there is in promoting their products and services with professional voiceovers. There is so many ways to make your products and services attractive, […]

How to hire the perfect Russian voice over talent

  Many professionals and businesses face the situation where they need a Russian voice over talent, but they do not know where to start and which steps they need to follow in order to find that perfect Russian voice-over talent. […]

Voice Over Actors that Sell

The fact that men like Morgan Freeman, John Cusack and John Cobert are in high demand for advertising voice overs is no coincidence – our subconscious makes it almost impossible for us not to trust them. Trust per Instinct According […]

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