Getting the Correct Voice for eLearning

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Finding the best voice for your eLearning project.

The use of voiceovers for eLearning has emerged as a valuable tool for engaging the pupils and facilitating the learning process. After all, without proper participation, the lesson would be nothing more than a waste of time. Hence, finding ways to engage the students is a must and this is where voiceovers can help. Here are some tips for lending the correct voice to eLearning:

Create a Content Plan

Failure to plan is planning to fail when it comes to eLearning voiceovers. Before writing the script, you have to identify the key objectives of the exercise. This will include listing the points you want to cover and the length of the piece. This way, you can create a tempo which suits the listeners and ensures no information is missed. You can further enhance the efficacy of the piece by using visual aids in addition to the voiceover, such as images, graphics and/or video.


Keep it Conversational

Be conversational and have a natural flow to build a connection with your audience. Otherwise, you will find the attention of the students waning if the voiceover is mechanical or lacks a flow. It is also important to be personable and address the listeners directly, rather than going for a 3rd-person narrative.

Time it Right

Long, drawn-out scripts can make the audience feel bored. On the other hand, if you keep the script too short, you might have to omit important information. To keep your audience engaged, focus on timing. Make sure you have a smooth flow that enables the listeners to grasp all you are saying. Moreover, when writing the script, keep in mind 100 words equals 1 minute of voiceover time. So, write accordingly so you can cover each important bit of information.


Don’t Overemphasize the Audio

Yes, you are recording a voiceover, but that doesn’t mean you have to verbally communicate everything on the screen. When using visual aids, let the audience grasp the information they are viewing. Punctuating your voiceover with silence whenever you finish a point can enhance the impact.


Production Quality Matters

Last, but not the least, emphasize on the quality of production. The voiceover should be clear, noise and static-free. There should be no distractions or white noises. Use the appropriate editing tools to fine-tune the audio before you finalize it.

These steps will allow you to lend the correct voice to eLearning and get the message across effectively and while keeping your audience engaged.


Published by The Russian Voice Over November 24th, 2016


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And if you’d also like me to audition part of your script free of charge before making your decision, just ask.

And if you’d also like me to audition part of your script free of charge before making your decision, just ask.