TV advertising

Why some TV advertisements are so successful?

A lot of people hate tv advertisement when they watching a movie on television or when they are enjoy TV soap since it disturbs them. However, if you were asked about a famous ad, you would probably say something good about it, or at least you would remember about the funny or interesting story the ad was telling. In the following lines, we will rapidly analyse two TV ads in order to determine what made them so popular.

According to a famous website, the most popular TV ad of 2012 was “Compare the Meerkat”. In this funny advertisement, you can see a meerkat telling the window cleaner to compare product’s prices on “”. In this ad, the meerkat voiceover plays a fundamental role, since it has a characteristic accent which makes it possible to play with words. That is why, the person who sees this ad is actually listening: “compare the meerkat”, but you can see the ad on the screen which says “”. In addition, showing animals have become more and more effective at engaging with viewers at the expense of celebrities.

TV ads, voice over TV

Another interesting TV advertisement is the “Birds’ Eye Waffles”. In this advertisement, you can find a polar bear that is waiting with two children to eat their meal. The teddy bear describes where he used to live, in a vast and unspoiled landscape with a voiceover which catches your attention. Afterwards the child asks him why he left, and he admits it is because of the good food served in her house. The voice is acting as consumers “conscience”.

In both TV ads, the script is original and it is fundamental to make your TV ads attractive and successful. In addition, the music, the image and the special effects combined with voiceovers contribute to get the best result.