Russian Voice Over actor Dimitry Rozental records for Volkswagen, for the project Genuine Windscreen.

Finding the right talent for promotion videos is a challenge major automotive and engineering corporations face on a daily basis. When the resources are not available in-house, they seek independent contractors capable of doing professional work fully compliant with high industry standards. 

Dimitry Rozental (from Russian Voice Over) is one of those most sought-after voiceover talents. There are but a few independent native Russian voiceover actors ready to deliver great quality work and meet the expectations of both leading automotive companies and their clients.

One of the most recent successful projects completed by Dmitriy is a voiceover for a series of Volkswagen videos. His voice work is characterized by clear articulation and great voice quality. Dimitry Rozental does more than just read the script, accompanying the video.

He creates a personality of an unbiased expert delivering his opinion to the viewers in a very low-key, yet compelling manner. Like any other professional voiceover, it does not distract the viewer from the video but rather complements the footage, emphasizing the most critical parts of it.

Doing work for great brands like Volkswagen is always a very rewarding experience. It presents voiceover actors with new challenges and gives them a chance to develop their potential working with brand platform and history.

Published by The Russian Voice Over March 2nd, 2016


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