Russian Voice Over for Volkswagen Russia with Dimitry Rozental

Dmitriy Rozental was selected to be the voice of Volkswagen Russia for Russian speakers in CIS and across the globe.

Any commercial video uploaded on YouTube is a combination of numerous factors, footage and sound quality being among the most crucial ones.

Major global brands that commonly use YouTube as their advertising platform give their full attention to the quality of content they upload to this video hosting service making sure they never disappoint their audience.

While footage universally speaks to all viewers, voiceovers in regional languages need to be prepared and recorded individually. Being the voice of Volkswagen in any country of the world is an honor and a huge responsibility.

Working with legendary brands is always an exciting opportunity and a challenging mission to accomplish.

When doing the voiceover for the video, Dmitriy set out to accomplish a number of goals: his voice was supposed to sound mature, confident, engaging and likeable at the same time, while speaking rate had to be dynamic but easy to follow at all times.

In order to succeed Dmitriy made sure that the 3 key factors came together: his talent, quality equipment and diligent preparation. The result was not long in coming: Russian version of the video voiceover describing the importance of genuine autoparts for repair and maintenance of Volkswagen vehicles is very consistent with the brand image.

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Published by The Russian Voice Over July 23rd, 2016


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